Well, that explains things…

I’ve been silent for a while, because I haven’t been in the workshop. There wasn’t any point. However, things are on their way to changing…

After about a year and a half of sore hands that had lost their dexterity, I started to feel like my hands were covered in cactus needles, too. I finally got my doctor to run tests, and my diagnosis was severe bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ve had the first surgery (my right hand), and so far, I am healing well. I see the surgeon tomorrow, but typing doesn’t hurt, feeding myself doesn’t hurt, and I’m pretty sure that soon, I’ll be able to do other things, including making stuff again!

I’m also very happily teaching at a STEAM-focused middle school, where I’ve been teaching my students about archaeology, ancient civilizations, and English. My students have been making things while I couldn’t. But that’s another post…

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